Valmontone Fashion District Outlet

After visiting the Rainbow MagicLand theme park, a visit to the Valmontone Fashion District Outlet is a must. The shopping center is located in Valmontone and close to the amusement park, which is why both can be combined well with each other. The center offers its visitors a wonderful shopping experience seven days a week. From Monday to Friday you can stay here from 10 to 20 clock. At the weekend the Valmontone stays open an hour longer.

Overall, the Valmontone Fashion District Outlet is built like a small, beautiful village. Here you will find a perfect mix of architectural buildings and modern decoration. The vivid colors that run through the district conjure up a smile on everyone's face. And even the large arch opening at the entrance is impressive and makes you want more. Among the shops you can find denim, for example, directly opposite Benetton. In America you can find the Old Navy, but here you will find the Original Marines Shop, which is definitely worth a visit. If you are looking for electronics and gadgets, then you should definitely go to Unieuro. There is everything the technology heart desires. Or may it be a small meal during the break between purchases? How about a lunch at Old Wild West! For fans of Latinum or for those who are looking for a gift, Lazio Style is the right shop. The Valmontone Fashion District Outlet also has a Sketchers shop. For visitors with four-legged friends in tow, a visit to Braccialini is unavoidable. Here you will find the cutest dog clothes in the whole fashion district. In all shops you can save not only the special experience but also wonderful and go bargain hunting.

Street Address
Valmontone Fashion District Outlet
Via della Pace
00038 Valmontone
Phone: + 39 06 959 9491

Opening times
Monday through Friday 10 - 20 watch
Saturday and Sunday 10 - 21 clock

Clothing, sportswear, accessories, cosmetics, home and kitchen goods, foodstuffs, home furnishings

Possible savings:
Up to 80%*

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