Mantova Outlet Village

The Mantova Outlet Village is a sizeable Oultlet that includes more than 100 stores. Located in Bagnolo San Vito Village attracts over two million visitors every year. The Mantova has opened 10 - 20 clock from Monday to Sunday. You can find here mainly Italian brands, which are not necessarily known outside of Italy. However, you will still find some well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas or Timberland. Savings can be up to 70%! The Mantova Outlet is located directly on the A22 and therefore easy to reach.

There is something for every target group, women, men and children. Everyone can get their money's worth here. If you want to save a lot, you can take part in the rebate system of the Village - here there are once again 10% on the purchase. However, one has to understand this first and this can be a bit more complicated, especially for German visitors, because the information is only written in Italian, Russian and English. It is advisable to inform in advance. The outlet can be visited on sunny as well as rainy days. The parking is really uncomplicated, so the arrival is no problem and makes it easier to start the shopping day. In addition to the stores, where you can stock up on clothing and shoes, there are also shops for cosmetics, bags and more. There is also free Wi-Fi in the Mantova Outlet Village, so you can always be online and sometimes compare the prices of the outlet with the regular prices to get the most out of the purchase. In addition to shopping, you can of course also enjoy Italian food here. The outlet is definitely worth a visit.







Street Address
Mantova Outlet Village
Via Marco Biagi
46031 Bagnolo San Vito
Phone: + 39 0376 25041

Opening times
Monday to Sunday 10 - 20 clock

Clothing, sportswear, accessories, cosmetics, home and kitchen goods, foodstuffs, home furnishings

Possible savings:
Up to 70%*

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