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The lineup is confirmed, ready for the runway. Watch the show tomorrow #ThisIsBOSS #NYFWM

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Well, who lives in Stuttgart knows Metzingen, Outlet City Metzingen and Hugo Boss. Already my parents went to Metzingen with me when I was a child, but mainly to buy suits for my father. Maybe I was already taught the Shopping Gen in childhood? Who knows today?

The inhabitants of Metzingen, I am almost sorry for the traffic, the many tourists. By car you drive from Stuttgart about 45min to Metzingen. Depending on the car, traffic jam and speed. Especially the traffic jam can be very unfavorable. Our region is well known for the traffic. The shuttle bus, which runs regularly from the Schkossplatz or the airport, is easier and more relaxed. Above all, you do not have to search for parking. Finding a parking space in Metzingen is really difficult, because with the many shopping tourists they can be gone very fast. Especially between the holidays, I have already made the experience that parking lots are all occupied ... and then you are in front of Metzingen in traffic jams, in Metzingen in traffic (all parking garages are occupied) and you go out with the traffic jam from Metzingen.

I can not recommend to park in a side street or in the residents area. There you either towed or you get a traffic ticket. Of course, I can fully understand the residents. My recommendation, take the bus or train.

















Street Address
Hugo Boss Werksverkauf
Duct road 6-8, 72555
Phone: 07123 9485550

Opening times
Monday through Friday 10 - 20 watch
Saturday 09 - 20 clock

Clothing, Sportswear, Shoes, Accessories, Lingerie,

Possible savings:
up to approx. 30-70%*

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