Franciacorta Outlet Village

Franciacorta Outlet Village is located in Piazza Cascina Moie, Rodengo-Saiano. The wonderful shopping city is open seven days a week from 10 to 20, giving every visitor plenty of opportunity to shop at their whim.

The various aisles and streets of the Franciacorta Outlet Village hold a new surprise behind every corner. How about a truck full of sandals, for example? Yes, this exists here! Instead of the usual sweets you can shop at Ipanema sandals in all shapes and colors. In the corridors there is also a Nike factory outlet, Pepe Jeans and Levis. In itself, all shops have a similar architecture, which ensures a pleasant harmony throughout the park. The Franciacorta Outlet Village scores well with the fact that it not only puts the focus on famous shops (which of course you can also find here), but also turns to other areas. For example, those looking for make-up will find what they are looking for at Kiko Factory Outlet. Next to it a smaller shop, for the perfect book: Books Brothers! Anyone looking for a suitable gift for the man will most likely find this at Birrificio Angelo Poretti. The decoration throughout the park is a feast for the eyes. The most interesting is probably the big LED construction of the Beatles on their famous crossing of the Abby Road.

Street Address
Franciacorta Outlet Village
Piazza Cascina Moie 1
25050 Rodengo-Saiano
Phone: + 39 085 950302

Opening times
Monday to Sunday 10 - 20 clock

Clothing, sportswear, accessories, cosmetics, home and kitchen goods, foodstuffs, home furnishings

Possible savings:
Up to 60%*

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