Citta Sant'Angelo Outlet Village

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The Citta Sant'Angelo Outlet Village is located, as its name suggests, in Citta Sant Angelo, Italy, and invites you on your way to a great shopping spree. There is plenty of time to do so, as the center is open Mondays to Fridays from 10 to 20. At the weekend you can even stay here until 21.

The architecture of the Outlet Village is definitely very impressive. Overall, the Citta Sant Angelo has something for everyone. For example, there are many places for gourmets. Also for the younger guests can be bought here, for example at Cycle Band. This cute shop offers a wealth of children's fashion. Especially beautiful are the roads that lead through the Citta Sant Angelo. Mediterranean flair is the keyword here. In the corridors there are olive trees everywhere. The shops are all decorated in soft pastel colors. So you can fully concentrate on shopping without being constantly distracted by visual stimuli. Overall, the whole thing looks very harmonious and relaxing. It is also nice to see that most of the shops consist of two floors. On the ground floor is the outlet and over there mostly apartments. Many of the shopkeepers also live here and make the whole experience truly authentic! It's like being in a real village and sometimes you do not feel like you're in a shopping center but rather in a small Italian town. Another highlight: the Citta Sant Angelo is not only filled with outlets, which offer excellent prices, there is even more here. For example, there is a gym here and regular events are held here. So if you think you are more in a quiet, sleepy village that is quickly convinced of the opposite. Security is also very important here, which is why the entire system is video-monitored and equipped with security. For those who do not come by car there is a tip: from the Piazzale Bus Stazione runs a free shuttle bus at regular intervals. You can only fall in love with this outlet park!

Street Address
Citta Sant'Angelo Outlet Village
Via Moscarola
65013 Citta Sant Angelo
Phone: + 39 085 950302

Opening times
Monday through Friday 10 - 20 clock, Saturday and Sunday 10 - 21 clock

Clothing, sportswear, accessories, cosmetics, home and kitchen goods, foodstuffs, home furnishings

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