Cilento Outlet Village

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The Cilento Outlet Village is not a closed shopping center but, as the name implies, a small shopping town! Nevertheless, there are of course also opening hours, which refer to the shops. The park itself is accessible at all times, so you can still do a little window shopping after closing time. If this is necessary at all, because during the week the Cilento is open from 10 to 20 o'clock. At the weekend there is an hour longer, which is why the opening times are specified here from 10 to 21.

The first thing you will probably notice when you arrive is the many parking spaces! A lack of parking spaces, if you want to travel by car, so there is hardly. However, the parking is not covered, so it can be very warm in the car on sunny days. Therefore, do not leave things that are sensitive to heat. If you enter the paths that leads to the individual shops, you have the feeling that you are rather in an art gallery on the road than in a shopping center! There are interesting decorations everywhere and there is something new to discover on every corner. A highlight is probably the large fishing boat, which stands for decoration purposes in the middle of the Cilento Outlet Village. You probably least expect that kind of thing. Thus, the whole stay here is a special experience. But not only the decorations convince the visitor. In addition to the many outlets, where you can get many things at really good prices, there is another special piece. If you make your way through the Cilento, you will inevitably meet a special truck. Candy Land is the name and the name is program, because the whole truck is full of sweets! In addition, there are more culinary shops everywhere where you can try on a variety of things. The Cilento Outlet Village is on all days a bit equally crowded, which definitely speaks for the center. The many outlets also load every time again to stay and browse. Here you will probably find your favorite part for a reduced price fairly quickly.

Street Address
Cilento Outlet Village
SS 18 - Tirrena Inferiore - Km 79 + 250
84025 Eboli

Opening times
Monday through Friday 10 - 20 clock, Saturday and Sunday 10 - 21 clock

Clothing, sportswear, accessories, cosmetics, home and kitchen goods, foodstuffs, home furnishings

Possible savings:
Up to 70%*

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