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The Brenner Outlet Center is located on the border to Austria. Here you can stay from Monday to Sunday and take a break from everyday life. The Outlet Center is open seven days a week from 10 to 19. However, as a visitor you should make sure that this does not apply to the restaurants and the supermarket. Brenner-based restaurateurs close their doors one hour before closing time, the supermarket two hours before. So if you still want to eat something or want to buy a few things, you should keep these times in mind.

On site you will not only fall in love with the outlet and its offers, but also the environment! If you have some time, you should definitely take a walk through the streets around the Brenner Outlet Center. In the center of the center then expect shopping as far as the eye can see. Especially nice are the many rest areas, which the outlet center provides. So if you need a short break from bargain hunting, you can rest for example on the old sofas by Lennox. A highlight is also the church, which is located in the center, because a church would be expected in the least in a shopping center. Of course, the entire ambience is characterized by countless offers and shops. Due to its proximity to Austria, you can also find typical Austrian clothing at the Brenner Outlet Center. In addition, the visitors' stay is made easier by the fact that all information is shown in Italian as well as in Austrian. Anyone wishing to visit the outlet with their dog can do so, as pets are allowed here as long as they are kept on a leash. If it is a bit colder outside and you have equipped yourself with warm clothes, but this does not need more in the center itself and feels this rather than annoying so there is also a solution for this. Next to the escalator at the Brenner Outlet Center are lockers where clothes and other things can be stored. There is also a children's zone for younger guests

Street Address
Brenner Outlet Center
Via S. Valentino, 9 / A
39041 Brennero

Opening times
Monday through Sunday 10 - 19 watch, catering closes at 18 watch and the supermarkets at 17 watch

Clothing, sportswear, accessories, cosmetics, home and kitchen goods, groceries

Possible savings:
Up to 70%*

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