Barberino Designer Outlet

The Barberino Designer Outlet is located outside the town of Barberino di Mugello, near Cavallina. This allows shopping without the chaos of the big city. Although it seems to be a little bit more relaxed here, there are some special features. The outlet has a large free car park and even a tourist office! Exceptional are the opening times. The outlet is open Monday through Thursday from 10 hours to 20 hours. In summer, the Barberino also likes to extend the opening times to 21 clock. So you can go shopping almost around the clock and seven days a week. If you do not want to travel by car, you can easily take the shuttle bus to the Barberino Designer Outlet. Children up to 14 years use the shuttle service for free, for adults the bus costs 13 €.

On-site exclusive stores such as Mercedes Benz, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada and Michael Korss can be found. Overall, there are several shops and brands to be found here through 200, including many Italian brands. The Designer Outlet is not only a shopping center, because the environment invites you to stroll and stroll at the same time. You can also relax on the terrace or have lunch. If you travel with smaller children, there is also a play area for them, so you can shop in peace or to provide the children with a break. The architecture of the place is really charming, especially for foreigners, because it is not the typical "building", which one would expect from a shopping center. Every shop is a unique and stand-alone building. The whole outlet is more of a small village than a closed shopping center. But what you'll probably love most is the wide variety of foods! These include, for example, the Lindt Shop (a real candy paradise!). For people who suffer from celiac disease or lactose intolerance, there is just as much to see here! One can indulge in a natural temptation at L'arancino, where gluten / lactose free products are offered. In addition, their products are free of "flavors, just the taste of nature". All stores are in the 1. Floor, so no problem if you come with a wheelchair or use walkers. If you see a pink food car, you should take a closer look. Ask Savigni, the pink means of transport, for a "Tigella con salami". They will love their taste. In summary, not only will you find good discounts, strong brands and good food, it will also give you an exceptional shopping experience!

Street Address
Barberino Designer Outlet
Via Meucci
50031 Barberino di Mugello FI
Phone: + 39 055 842161

Opening times
Monday to Sunday 10 - 20 clock, in summer partly to 21 clock

Clothing, Sportswear, Lingerie, Accessories, Cosmetics, Chocolate, Home & Kitchen, Groceries

Possible savings:
Up to 80%*

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