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Who Needs Lace Up Boots When You've Got Lace Up Overknees?

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There is nothing more pleasant to feel like a nice stocking on the legs and who ever wore Wolford stockings or tights, knows what I'm talking about. For a student Wolford stockings are unfortunately very expensive (up to 60 EUR) but at Wolford in Bregenz can save you and wife vigorously. If you are on your way to Vorarlberg for skiing, make a detour here (or on the way to the Bregenz Festival).

In addition to stockings and tights, you can also find comfortable outerwear by Wolford or gloves by Roeckl.

Unfortunately, there is not much to buy for the male companion here (but for a look

By the way, every EURO is well invested in Wolford, because Wolford stands for extraordinary good quality and great designs. Who the way to Bregenz is too far, because I can give the hint times Best Secret watch. There you can also buy Wolford stockings.


















Street Address
Wolford Outlet Bregenz
Wolfordstrasse 2
6900 Bregenz

Opening times
Monday - Friday 09 - 19 clock
Saturday 09 - 18 clock

Stockings, tights, gloves, lingerie

Possible savings:
up to approx. 30-70%*

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