Serravalle McArthurGlen Outlet

The Serravalle McArthurGlen Outlet is located near Milan and attracts with its beautiful architecture and prices which can be reduced up to 70%. The Serravalle is open Monday through Sunday from 10 to 20 hours, offering the opportunity to shop every day of the week. On site, visitors will find a variety of 380 brands. Another advantage is the free and ample parking available.

The Serravalle McArthurGlen Outlet is easily accessible by car or by shuttle bus from Milan. In the outlet itself you can find mostly international brands. Adidas, Nike, Gucci and Prada are just some of those that can be mentioned here. Due to the variety of brands, it is pretty sure that everyone here can get the one odwer other bargains. But also Italian brands have found their place here. So you can shop through the different worlds. The ambiance in the Serravalle McArthurGlen Outlet is typically Italian and looks very inviting. The outlet also offers free Wi-Fi and plenty of places to relax between shops. For the kids from 3 to 10 there is a playground. The McArthurGlen Outlet has something for everyone, and you can spend the whole day here enjoying all the amenities.







Street Address
Serravalle McArthurGlen Outlet
Via Della Moda, 1
15069 Serravalle Scrivia
Phone: + 39 0143 609000

Opening times
Monday to Sunday 10 - 20 clock

Clothing, sportswear, accessories, cosmetics, home and kitchen goods, foodstuffs, home furnishings

Possible savings:
Up to 70%*

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