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At the Dibbern factory outlet in Hohenberg / Eger on the Czech border, everything is on the subject of tableware and porcelain. These include the Bone China service, drinking glasses, gifts and accessories. In addition, seasonal items on the theme of Easter or Christmas, such as porcelain figurines are available.
The Bone China services and the well-known Solid Color series are offered II. Wahl, cutlery and table linen are also reduced. Typically, the items cost 50 percent less than the store.

Bargain hunters should take a critical look at the color and pattern of porcelain, these may differ.

Dibbern can look back on 45 years of company history and experience, could expand their own porcelain production 1997 by taking over the first private porcelain manufactory in Germany, the 1814 was founded in Hohenberg. Here also the premium fine bone china is produced.

Street Address
Friendship 1
95691 Hohenberg
Phone: 09233-407209

Opening times
Monday through Friday 10 - 18 watch
Saturday 10 - 15 clock

Porcelain, glass, porcelain, drinking glasses, gifts and accessories

Possible savings:
up to approx. 30-50%*

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